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SV45: Single Family Rental Market Outlook w/ Gaston Escudero

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SV45: Single Family Rental Market Outlook w/ Gaston Escudero

The real estate investing asset class with the lowest barrier to entry is the single family rental. That’s the reason most people find themselves starting there. Some people actually inherit homes from grandparents or older relatives, and become accidental landlords. What is the outlook for the single family rental market going into 2021, on the heels of the most ridiculous economic scene some of us have seen in our lifetime? Gaston Escudero from NexPoint is back to discuss the economics behind the single family rental market, it’s history as an asset class, and his outlook going forward.


Enjoy the episode!


Key Points:

What lasting affects will 2020 have on the 2021 single family rental market? (2:28)

Institutional investor behavior coming out of market downturns in the last 15 years (4:22)

Who are the owners right now of single family rentals, and what is the trend? (8:27)

SFH renter profile versus an apartment renter profile (10:20)

Historical trends, credit, and appreciation affecting the market (12:43)

The role of property management (18:53)

Insulating yourself and your money in an environment of inflation (21:18)

Long-term outlook on the single family rental asset class (25:14)



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