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SV34: Passive Syndication Investing w/ Lane Kawaoka

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SV34: Passive Syndication Investing w/ Lane Kawaoka

This week’s guest is an engineer turned real estate investor. Lane Kawaoka is now living the dream in Hawaii, and doing what he loves thanks in part to the passive portfolio he’s been able to build over the years. He sits down with me for this episode of Skyline Views to discuss his investing strategy, analyzing deals, and analyzing markets.


Key Points:

How Lane got his start in real estate (0:22)

The first and sometimes biggest stumbling block for investors (1:07)

The role of the 1% rule (2:14)

What KPI does Lane take into account when first considering a new MSA? (3:01)

Safety in how you buy and how you run your numbers up front (6:23)

Lane’s systems for organization and management (8:48)

Emergency fund 2.0 (10:42)

What attracts Lane to a syndication deal (13:47)

How is Lane structuring his portfolio these days (15:14)

The new asset class Lane is looking at in 2021 (17:52)

What markets is Lane looking at in 2021? (20:18)




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