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SV29: Advanced Credit Techniques for Investors w/ George Boley Jr.

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SV29: Advanced Credit Techniques for Investors w/ George Boley Jr.

You don’t have to be a seasoned veteran in real estate to know that credit plays a large role in the game. Whether you are a buy and hold investor, a fix and flip investor, or something else, credit comes into play. The sooner you start paying attention to your credit, the better. My guest George Boley Jr. is a long-time real estate investor, entrepreneur, and lifelong martial artist. He’s also co-host of the podcast Real Talk with George & Frazier. He used good old-fashioned grit and determination to build his portfolio, but then learned advanced credit techniques that took his investing to the next level. You may want to take notes during this episode (unless you’re driving), because George shares a lot of very key information as he shares his story. How could these advanced credit techniques apply to your investing and allow you to scale?


Key Points:

George’s background and what got him interested in passive income (0:48)

The importance of learning your market and reading economic indicators (5:59)

The roles that personal credit and business credit play in real estate investing (7:51)

George shares his primary investing rule (9:31)

How to build personal credit and how to build business credit (11:45)

What is FICO 10, and how does it affect you? (16:35)

How to become your own hard money lender (18:32)

How George got his first million-dollar line of credit (23:37)

Longer term buy and hold possibilities (25:23)

How these credit techniques changed the velocity of his business (26:19)

What’s next for George? (27:28)

#1 on his bucket list (29:23)



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