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SV24: Holding Companies and Entity Management w/ Neil Greenbaum

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SV24: Holding Companies and Entity Management w/ Neil Greenbaum

My guest for this episode has been an attorney for over 25 years. During that time, he has worked for an international bank, traditional law firms and private business. In addition to practicing law, Neil Greenbaum has started a number of businesses, developed commercial real estate, and, during the original dot-com boom, co-founded an online financial administration platform that still thrives today, some 20 years later. 


Neil and I discuss holding companies and management companies, two cardinal components of the active investor’s operation. He shares tips and insights that are key to running your business like a well-oiled machine.


Key Points:

Neil’s background (1:31)

How should you set up going into a multifamily investment? (3:16)

When should you begin thinking about your entities? (4:49)

Is an LLC the best structure? (5:58)

Best practices to avoid piercing the corporate veil? (6:35)

Other ways to guard against liability (8:45)

Management company best practices (9:49)

When and how to deploy capital into the market, timing the market (12:55)

Joint Venture relationships (15:54)

Getting information and forming a team (18:20)



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