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SV42: Active Duty Real Estate Investing w/ Anthony Pinto

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SV42: Active Duty Real Estate Investing w/ Anthony Pinto

Military families have unique opportunities, as well as unique challenges, surrounding investing and retirement. Real estate investing while on active duty takes finesse, in addition to raising capital, especially when you’re doing it from the other side of the world.


My guest today is Mr. Anthony Pinto. He is the Chief Operations Officer for Mission First Capital and the founder of Pinto Capital Investments. Anthony specializes in investing in commercial real estate and apartment buildings. Specifically, he seeks out and acquire B to C class apartment buildings as value-add acquisitions. Working with experienced syndicators and partners, Anthony continues to acquire larger apartment buildings across the Southeast US, focusing on the Hampton Roads, VA and Georgia markets. Across the Hampton Roads MSA, Anthony has $20M in AUM and controls more than 300 units, all acquired in 2020.


Key Points:

Anthony shares his start into real estate (1:10)

What’s the best way to make the jump from small deals to larger deals? (5:36)

Building a team to support your investing career (9:44)

Why invest in real estate in 2021? (13:50)

Benefits available to military real estate investors (21:01)



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