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SV41: Columbus and Multifamily w/ Matthew Drane

SV41: Columbus and Multifamily w/ Matthew Drane
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SV41: Columbus and Multifamily w/ Matthew Drane

If we know each other as real estate investors and I have not introduced you to Matthew Drane, I sincerely apologize. Matt is a great guest for Skyline Views (or for any podcast, for that matter) because he is a highly skilled and seasoned investor. He loves to share knowledge and ideas, and he does so in spades in this episode. Matt is a broker with Marcus & Millichap in Columbus, Ohio, and he’s one of the smartest multifamily real estate investors you could hope to meet. I’m excited to share this episode with you as we discuss Columbus, Ohio, multifamily apartment investing in 2020 vs 2021, and investing for your legacy.


Key Points:

Matt shares his background and his start in real estate (0:35)

Columbus, Ohio market 2020 year recap (1:31)

Sentiment among buyers, sellers, and lenders entering into 2021 (4:13)

Why invest in Columbus vs other metros? (4:46)

Lending trends in stabilized assets and new construction (6:22)

Market trends within the multifamily asset class (9:33)

Where have all the Class B properties gone? (11:22)

Matt and I talk Legacy and personal projects (12:50)

Matt’s personal thoughts on where to put capital right now (16:57)

Matt shares expert principles for brokers for 2021 (21:40)



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