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SV40: Denver and Investor Mindset w/ Steven Pesavento

SV40: Denver and Investor Mindset w/ Steven Pesavento
Skyline Views
SV40: Denver and Investor Mindset w/ Steven Pesavento

If you’re listening to this podcast on a regular basis you’re probably an advanced and experienced investor. Skyline Views covers various markets and areas of expertise for folks who invest nationally. However, how often do you revisit your mindset as an investor? Maybe you’re a successful businessperson who invests passively through partnerships all over the country. This episode addresses both the mindset of the investor, as well as what to look for in a partner. We also examine Denver as an MSA and why we like it. My guest is a real estate entrepreneur and host of the Investor Mindset Podcast, Mr. Steven Pesavento. Steven is also Managing Partner of VonFinch Capital. Between VonFinch and the podcast, Steven has interviewed and worked with some of the best investors in the business. He shares with us in this show what makes a great investor, what makes a great partner, and the roles you can play as your real estate investing path progresses.


Key Points:

Steven explains his start and how he stumbled upon real estate (0:34)

What should a new passive investor expect, from their first email to their first check? (2:12)

How Steven works with people who are figuring out what they want out of investments (7:12)

Steven discusses his favorite asset class, spreading out risk, and predictability (9:20)

Denver as an MSA, the numbers, the sweet spot, and the economics (11:32)

Due diligence on multifamily syndication sponsors, and the deals themselves (16:52)

The Ultimate Passive Investor Playbook (20:33)



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