SV38: Miami and Creative Commercial Strategies w/ Kristine Flook

Episode 38 March 01, 2021 00:19:04
SV38: Miami and Creative Commercial Strategies w/ Kristine Flook
Skyline Views
SV38: Miami and Creative Commercial Strategies w/ Kristine Flook

Show Notes

Miami real estate is flying off the shelves right now. Asset classes are not only recovering strong from 2020, but Miami as a whole proved a lot more resilient than in past downturns. In a market that is white hot, sometimes it takes creative commercial strategies to get the deal done. In this episode of Skyline views we dive into the numbers of how Miami fared in 2020 and why. If you are interested in Miami real estate investment in 2021, whether it’s in multifamily, retail, luxury SFH, especially on the development side, this episode is for you.


My guest today is Kristine Flook of Urbanize properties, a boutique South Florida brokerage team. She represents buyers and sellers of multifamily and commercial properties. Kristine will source cash flowing properties for investors through networking, hustle, and proven investment skills. In this episode, we also discuss opportunities surrounding dark properties, off-market properties, and how important it is to know the right people. 


Key Points:

Kristine explains how she got her start (0:31)

Kristine and I discuss the numbers and how Miami fared in 2020 (1:44)

Drivers behind different asset classes in Miami (3:33)

Tax benefits behind being a Florida resident (5:18)

Little know nuggets about Miami neighborhoods (6:03)

Dark property conversions (9:01)

Finding off-market properties  (10:45)

Coming opportunities and opportunistic areas in Miami in 2021 (11:55)

What should investors be looking for when they’re looking online at Miami? (13:30)

Resources that Kristine uses to stay on top of things (15:12)

Kristine shares what she does in her free time (15:55)





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