SV31: Washington State and Mobile Home Parks w/ Gabe Petersen

Episode 31 January 11, 2021 00:25:21
SV31: Washington State and Mobile Home Parks w/ Gabe Petersen
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SV31: Washington State and Mobile Home Parks w/ Gabe Petersen

Show Notes

Our guest today is real estate entrepreneur Gabe Petersen. Gabe is host of the podcast and YouTube show, the Real Estate Investing Club. In this episode, we talk about how he got into real estate, and more importantly, why he chose the niche he did. If you have ever wondered about investing in mobile home parks and why investors choose this asset class, look no further. You’ll get a lot out of this episode, and Gabe’s website has a lot of good resources should you continue to be interested and want to learn more.


Additionally, Gabe shares his experience investing in Washington State. The upper Northwest has economic dynamics unique unto itself. Gabe and I touch on those dynamics, examine where Washington is on the bell curve, and discuss what Gabe is doing about it.


Key Points:

Gabe explains his start in real estate and motivation for getting out of the rat race (0:51)

Business ventures leading up to real estate (3:15)

Honing acquisition and marketing systems (8:10)

The foray into RV and mobile home parks (11:17)

Why would an investor consider investing in mobile home parks (14:16)

The headaches related to mobile home park investing (16:28)

Washington state investing (18:15)

Employment and job growth in Washington state (19:25)

Landlord tenant laws in Washington (20:04)

The importance of tenant screening (21:00)

What’s next for Gabe Petersen? (21:40)



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