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SV30: Fayetteville and Contrarian Views w/ John Blanton

SV30: Fayetteville and Contrarian Views w/ John Blanton
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SV30: Fayetteville and Contrarian Views w/ John Blanton

If you’ve spoken with me for any length of time, you probably know my views on retirement. The traditional view on retirement hasn’t ever sat well with me, and my views are sometimes seen as contrarian. Imagine my intrigue when I met John Blanton as he was launching his podcast, Contrarian Cashflow. In this episode, John and I discuss Fayetteville, NC, as well as other markets in North Carolina that he has his eye on. We also discuss the need for diverse, reliable streams of income and the right way to build them to provide for your future income needs.


John has been investing for over 7 years. A successful sales executive with over 10 years of experience supporting enterprise technology clientele. He has had many successful investment exits and continues to grow his holdings within the multifamily/ commercial space. He has a passion for gaining financial independence and helping others get there through investment cashflow. His mission is to help others perform thorough due diligence on real estate and business opportunities to ensure top performing risk adjusted returns.



Key Points:

What got John on the contrarian path (2:25)

Tips on how to be faithful to your full time job, and not cut corners in your investing career (4:16)

It’s a lot harder to make money in real estate than people realize (5:28)

Teams and systems versus being a lone wolf (7:13)

Income diversification, asset allocation, and ideal income levels (10:01)

Fayetteville market demographics and projections (14:40)

Appreciation concerns and cap rate compression (17:42)

Other North Carolina markets John is looking at and why (18:55)

Buying businesses, and finding your why (23:10)

What’s in store for John outside the “rat race” (26:10)




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