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SV25: Investing as a Couple Effectively

SV25: Investing as a Couple Effectively
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SV25: Investing as a Couple Effectively

Investing together as a couple can either be heaven or hell. Each of you have your strengths and weaknesses. Combined, your strengths can cover each other’s weaknesses and make you a power couple, or your weaknesses can cause division and brood resentment. Investing effectively as a couple takes work, but in the end the results can be powerful. My guest today brings a lot of experience and practical wisdom to the table to equip you to create maximum efficiency to your relationship when it comes to finances and real estate investing.

Adam Kol helps couples make sure that the money conversation doesn't get in the way, leading to more stability, partnership & peace of mind. He’s a certified mediator, former tax attorney, and currently serves as a Couples Financial Counselor. He’s also host of the Equal Partners Podcast. Our conversation in this episode is very valuable for couples who embark on active real estate investing, or are deciding how to plot their financial path into the future with passive investments.

Key Points:

What to look for and questions to ask pre-commitment (5:02)

Common setups for couples finances (7:14)

Money mindsets (8:25)

Post-commitment, tips for merging lanes (11:51)

Learning and understanding each other’s strengths and roles (14:06)

Practical tools (15:02)

Finding your groove to compliment each other’s strengths (17:39)

Setting goals and planning for the future (21:23)

The importance of key conversations (27:05)



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