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SV23: Upstate NY and Long-Distance Investing w/ Cindy Byler

SV23: Upstate NY and Long-Distance Investing w/ Cindy Byler
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SV23: Upstate NY and Long-Distance Investing w/ Cindy Byler

Cindy Byler is a military Army spouse of 7 years to her high school sweetheart, Jonas. After their first change of duty station, she found herself needing to put her career as a music teacher on hold to move three times in three years. During that season of not working, she grew bitter toward the lifestyle- she had much value to add but felt unable. Through much reflection and improvements in personal finances, Cindy realized the best “job security” for their military lifestyle was through passive income- ultimately utilizing real estate to achieve passive income.


As a buy and hold real estate investor, Cindy primarily invests in her hometown-area in Elmira, NY. She has been a landlord for 5 years. In the past 1.5 years, she has acquired a total of 4 properties and 11 doors. Every unit has gone through, or is going through, extensive remodeling. To make things more interesting, she currently lives in Central Texas where her husband is stationed at Fort Hood so all acquisitions, remodeling, and rentals are managed from over 1600 miles away. Cindy also resigned from her job as a music teacher to stay home with her young children and focus on the business that has already replaced her income in so little time.


Cindy provides a lot of value in this episode, bringing a lot of key data on Upstate NY markets, and shares her experience and strategies on long-distance investing.


Key Points:

Corning, NY (1:12)

Elmira, NY market demographics (3:08)

How to choose a market as a long-distance investor (4:37)

The 1% Rule, and how it stacks up in NY (10:19)

Lessons learned from different ways to pay contractors (12:22)

Ages of homes in Upstate NY and why that matters (15:32)

Rochester, NY market demographics (18:38)

Major employers of Rochester (20:54)

Market movement in Rochester (23:17)

Landlord tenant laws in NY (26:21)

Silver lining of COVID (31:20)

Self-directed IRAs (34:25)



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