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Skyline Views is a podcast for real estate investors, both passive and active. Chris Mills covers various markets around the US, talking with experts about their respective specialties and strategies.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. SV35: Tribe Investing w/ Travis Smith

    Pooling capital is a long-standing way of making your money go further in investing. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. There are a lot of things that you should be aware of going into a partnership. There are also a lot of logistics regarding making it work smoothly.   My ...


  2. SV34: Passive Syndication Investing w/ Lane Kawaoka

    This week’s guest is an engineer turned real estate investor. Lane Kawaoka is now living the dream in Hawaii, and doing what he loves thanks in part to the passive portfolio he’s been able to build over the years. He sits down with me for this episode of Skyline Views ...


  3. SV33: New York and Relocation Trends w/ Esther Reizes-Lowenbein

    One silver lining from the COVID pandemic is that both families and companies were forced to explore new ways to innovate and become far more efficient than they have in the past. Unimportant meetings became the emails they should have been in the first place. Commutes went away for most ...


  4. SV32: Cincinnati and Office Buildings w/ Brian Adams

    For those who are in the know, Cincinatti is a very exciting market for certain real estate asset classes. This week’s guest gives his views on the Cincinatti MSA, as well as very helpful insights into the office asset class and how the pandemic of last year has changed things ...


  5. SV31: Washington State and Mobile Home Parks w/ Gabe Petersen

    Our guest today is real estate entrepreneur Gabe Petersen. Gabe is host of the podcast and YouTube show, the Real Estate Investing Club. In this episode, we talk about how he got into real estate, and more importantly, why he chose the niche he did. If you have ever wondered ...