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Skyline Views is a podcast for real estate investors, both passive and active. Chris Mills covers various markets around the US, talking with experts about their respective specialties and strategies.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. SV40: Denver and Investor Mindset w/ Steven Pesavento

    If you’re listening to this podcast on a regular basis you’re probably an advanced and experienced investor. Skyline Views covers various markets and areas of expertise for folks who invest nationally. However, how often do you revisit your mindset as an investor? Maybe you’re a successful businessperson who invests passively ...


  2. SV39: Charlotte and Alternative Investments w/ Billy Keels

    Many of us invest in real estate for the freedom and relative control that it provides. What if you could build a lifestyle that allows you to live wherever you want, invest wherever you want, and experience that freedom on your own terms? My guest this week is doing exactly ...


  3. SV38: Miami and Creative Commercial Strategies w/ Kristine Flook

    Miami real estate is flying off the shelves right now. Asset classes are not only recovering strong from 2020, but Miami as a whole proved a lot more resilient than in past downturns. In a market that is white hot, sometimes it takes creative commercial strategies to get the deal ...


  4. SV37: Ottawa and SFH Investing w/ Nick Kyte

    Why would you pull your capital and deploy it in a different country? Why Ottawa? Canada, our neighbors to the north, have a lot of opportunities presenting themselves in 2021. My guest this week is Nick Kyte of Coldwell Banker First Ottawa Realty. We discuss the Canada markets, the differences ...


  5. SV36: Advanced 1031 Exchange Techniques w/ Dave Foster

    Savvy investors use 1031 Exchanges on a regular basis as a part of their overall investment strategy. A bit more complex are techniques like Construction Exchanges and Reverse Exchanges. The way these advanced 1031 Exchange techniques can play in and be taken advantage of will definitely take your investing game ...