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Skyline Views is a podcast for real estate investors, both passive and active. Chris Mills covers various markets around the US, talking with experts about their respective specialties and strategies.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. SV45: Single Family Rental Market Outlook w/ Gaston Escudero

    The real estate investing asset class with the lowest barrier to entry is the single family rental. That’s the reason most people find themselves starting there. Some people actually inherit homes from grandparents or older relatives, and become accidental landlords. What is the outlook for the single family rental market ...


  2. SV44: Introduction to Deferred Sales Trusts w/ Brett Swarts

    What are you going to do if you can no longer do a 1031 Exchange? What are your options? These are questions that are being asked in real estate investing circles all over the country right now. A favorite but lesser-known option for deferring capital gains taxes is the Deferred ...


  3. SV43: Boston and Small Multifamily w/ Willie Mandrell

    There’s a lot of value in being rooted in the town you’re investing in. You can keep a close eye on things, operate with excellence, and your portfolio will excel as a result. With this kind of base, you can then expand your operations thoughtfully and successfully. This is what ...


  4. SV42: Active Duty Real Estate Investing w/ Anthony Pinto

    Military families have unique opportunities, as well as unique challenges, surrounding investing and retirement. Real estate investing while on active duty takes finesse, in addition to raising capital, especially when you’re doing it from the other side of the world.   My guest today is Mr. Anthony Pinto. He ...


  5. SV41: Columbus and Multifamily w/ Matthew Drane

    If we know each other as real estate investors and I have not introduced you to Matthew Drane, I sincerely apologize. Matt is a great guest for Skyline Views (or for any podcast, for that matter) because he is a highly skilled and seasoned investor. He loves to share knowledge ...